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A D C Flooring is an State License Installers Company with average experience of 15 years, We also have served to the flooring industry as a Home Depot Subcontractor for about seven years, becoming an State License Contractor in 2005. State License # 863823 go to:

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ADC Flooring is a Pergo Endorsed Installer Company since 2004.
The Pergo Endorsed Installer is a factory trained professional who has received extensive and specialized training in the installation of laminated floors.
The pass-fail Pergo Endorsed Installer Course educates the installer about Laminate products and their performance properties while delivering in-depth hands on instruction of proper installation techniques, helping to ensure successful installations and raises the Customer satisfaction to the highest level.
We have the skills to ensure a Top-Quality professional installation so you know your floor will be installed the right way.
The Pergo Endorsed Installer Program was instituted in 1997 to promote knowledge and trust in the laminate flooring installation among distributors, retailers, consumers and most important professional flooring installers. The Endorsed Installer Program continues to educate flooring installers in new installation techniques, product technology focused on highly standards of satisfied Customers.
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The attached photograph correspond to an installation I have in San Jose South, I did provide and install Pergo Accolade “Bedford Cherry”, as you can appreciate the complexity of this two sides diagonal steps, even very experienced installers are not going to accept the challenge to fill these steps with Laminate or prefinished Hardwood.

Professional flooring contractor, Pergo endorsed installed and California State licensed contractors providing floor covering in laminate, vinyl, ceramic tile and much more. Need wood flooring, laminate floors, wood floors or simply home improvements let us know and we can help you immediately.